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2160 quotas available 01 JUN - 30 NOV | 10:00 AM

Ancestral técnica de cocina peruana que usa piedras calientes enterradas en la tierra. En nuestro servicio, los clientes participan en la preparación de este festín, fortaleciendo lazos familiares y disfrutando de una experiencia única.

Price S/ 560


2160 quotas available 01 JUN - 30 NOV | 10:00 AM

Huatia is an ancient Andean gastronomic technique, it involves the construction of ovens with clods of earth where food is cooked. The result is a tender and flavorful meal, infused with the aroma of the earth.

Price S/ 540


2176 quotas available 02 JUN - 30 NOV | 10:00 AM

In our Peruvian grill, we celebrate the authentic flavors that the land gives us, sharing unique family moments. From the succulent anticucho to the juicy grilled meat, each dish is an ode to our culinary traditions.

Price S/ 590


32 quotas available 02 JUN - 30 NOV | 10:00 AM

Wachuma is a Sacred Plant. When ingested, due to the effects of Mescaline, it helps to open our conscience, mind and heart, helping us to understand and heal ourselves naturally.

Price S/ 1,090


2160 quotas available 03 JUN - 30 NOV | 10:00 AM

In Andean constellation therapy, we immerse ourselves in the ancestral wisdom of the Andes, where land and spirit intertwine. In a circle, we explore family ties and heal wounds, reconnecting with our roots and finding peace.

Price S/ 600
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