Buffet Lunch Creole Tavern - Experience MESA 24/7 - Plural

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Buffet Lunch Creole Tavern

Location: Calle Juan Fanning 515 - 525
Duration: 3 hours

What will we do?

This June 16 we will celebrate Father's Day with a unique gastronomic experience in each of our stations, we will have live music to enjoy every moment with our parents, our event will last around 3 hours. We are preparing a surprise at the end. You can not lose this!

What's included?

to chop - English Ham - Cabanossi - Edan Cheese Jiron de la Union live station - Bread with homemade country ham in a lamp - Bread with silverside - Bread with crispy pork rinds - French bread in baskets, sweet potato fries, French fries - Creole bramble, lettuce, chopped rocoto - Tartare sauce, chili carretillero, chili macho, chili huacatay Live station Ceviches – Terminal Pesquero - Fish ceviche - Pota ceviche - Prawns, squid, fan shells, black shells, limpets - Classic tiger milk, rocoto, yellow chili, hedgehog - Purple and yellow sweet potato - Onion, chullpi, yuyo, chifles Cold season – Flag Square - Huancaína potato in a platter - Potato in glass - Pickled fish source - Chicken and avocado cause - Choros a la chalaca in a fountain - Bramble of paws in fountain - Arequipa single in glass - Chicken salpicon in a glass Salad bar - Lettuce, tomato, beet, cucumber, carrot, avocado, asparagus, quail eggs, fresh cheese. - Caesar sauce, huancaína, house chili, carretillero chili, huacatay chili. Mercado Centra hot station. - Chiclayana-style rice with chicken - Chicken chili - Sautéed noodles with loin - Dry beef - Cau cau of tripe - Crispy pork cheek - Parboiled broth - Parboiled meats and vegetables - Rice with corn and carob beans - Ravioli in meat and wine sauce in lamp - Grilled chicken - Creole fried wings - French fries Sweets of yesteryear Alameda Chabuca - Roasted milk - Purple porridge - Rice pudding - Canned delicacy alfajores - Flying - Doña Pepa nougat - Lima-style sigh - Live Picarones - Three custard apple milks - Mini cachangas with honey - Bold purple chicha Jaimito's bakery - Various breads - Loin empanadas

Special considerations

Children 5-12 years old S/. 75.00 Cancellation with a minimum of 48 hours.v