3 Step Lunch - Father's Day - Experience MESA 24/7 - Melange

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3 Step Lunch - Father's Day

Location: Av. Santa Cruz 381, Semisotano, Miraflores
Duration: 3 hours

What will we do?

From June 10 to 16, Melange celebrates "All for Dad" a 3-course lunch. Lunch starts 12:30pm until 3:30pm.

What's included?

Welcome drink: Classic Chilcano Tickets Choose an option Duo of empanadas Pulled pork and minced meat with a knife, with a spicy sautéed chili sauce Northern ceviche Catch of the day, northern tiger milk, corn pancake and zarandaja roasted mushrooms Combination of the country flavor of grilled mushrooms, a mix of seasoned quinoa and the Peruvian touch with a yellow chili tiger's milk. Money Choose an option field rice Fat grain rice with braised bacon, free-range chicken, mushrooms and chistorra meet national dressings and the result is this wonder. Zucchini ravioli Pasta stuffed with loche squash locro and ricotta, toasted butter sauce, cured yolk and 24-month-old parmesan Pepper Steak Loin medallion, pepper sauce, fried native potatoes, caramelized onion. Desserts Choose an option Cream flipped Creamy, topped with pot delicacy and red fruits. chocolate temptation Chocolate almond nougat and semi-bitter chocolate mouse.

Special considerations

En caso de alergias y restricciones alimentarias por favor contactarnos a administracion@sillanegra.pe.