HUATIA - Experience MESA 24/7 - FAUSTINA

Experience detail



Duration: 6 hours

What will we do?

We will provide a 100% participatory huatia service, where clients will have the opportunity to not only taste the dishes, but also have spaces for connection with the earth such as a walk through the Temple of the Moon while we collect the herbs necessary to the moment of cooking and a ceremony of offering to the earth in gratitude. They will also be able to participate in the preparation of the adobe oven, the placement of the supplies in it, the preparation of the uchucutas and the stuffed rocoto.

What's included?

Variety of potatoes and geese. Cusco stuffed rocoto. Single. Variety of uchucutas prepared in a fulling mill. Tarwi crême brulee. Drink: Kombucha with wild fruit or incamuña infusion with hampirosa. Round trip transportation from Plaza Regocijo to Faustina Temple of the Moon.

Special considerations

In case of allergies and food restrictions, please contact us. We have vegetarian and vegan options. Groups minimum of 4 people.