Wine tasting course - 6 days - Experience MESA 24/7 - Perfect Blend - San Isidro

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Wine tasting course - 6 days

Location: C. Luis Aldana 639, San Isidro
Duration: 2 hours typical

What will we do?

We have designed this introductory course to wine tasting to learn to distinguish flavors and textures of the different types of wine in the world. During the classes we will teach and guide you to identify, describe and appreciate flavors, aromas and textures, we will discover the nuances that make each one a unique experience.

What's included?

What includes? - Brief history of wine, wine in the global context. -Geography: main producers, exporters and consumers. - Representative strains of each country, main denominations. - Reading labels - Wine tasting - Pdf with information to work - Participation certificate